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janvier 19th, 2017


The End


décembre 17th, 2016


The End

2016 almost 2017

décembre 9th, 2016


The End

well…new year event

janvier 2nd, 2012


almost no U. crimson and space was before event.

imo economy is ruined : noobs cant pay, pro dont need.

cash shop mixed stuff and Tset are more important than almost anything. 

and the eventuality for a mixed item to be better is enough to lower the value of a regular items.

even if no one got this mixed item.

i assume if i spend 5~10 k $ by selling mix box, buying stuff and mixing them, i can own a super gear.

but hunting and selling my loot dsnt work anymore.

and i wont and cant  spend alot of money .

its just become another i pay + iplay 24/7 random game to be just “average”

and well, im not interrested anymore.

+ they changed alot of things, for a game more easy to play, where the key is really Cash Shop items ,

in addition with the existing cash shop tricks who force to reskill at some points, many useless skills  just to waste points in,

Tset who requier 400 useless stats suddently, etc etc.

and its look like its no more a game where i can use a cash shop to be better or get more fun,

but a graphic interface who make problems and sell solutions.

and OGP suck, its look like they hate customers, and really want to make a herd of sheeps.

i still wondering if its a joke when they quote each time :  ”spend your time where it really matters (in RS)

post on forum :

(…) I have to be honest between my odd hours of work and the hours I have spent in from of this game I have unfortunetly been a Sub par member to my own family. My Children are getting old enough to need an active father and my wife deserves a better life partner. I cant sit here with my nose in the game with a clear consious anymore and like AA I know that I cant just limit my time on here its to addicting im to competitive(…)

a looser, maybe….GM dont comment this kind of things.

The End

pika pika !

décembre 30th, 2011


i have try leader, fallen ogre, hired fighter, mantis , succubus and time things (pics)..

but familiar still the best pets imo.

someone say in forum :

“ The Leader Is one of the best pets, because roughly around lvl600+ The pet will have a 15,000~20,000 Poison damage (No Knowledge Added) ”

so i need to choose a pet and lv it or retame often lv 600+ pets.

 i have see some map lv 700 and more. idk if anything good is tamable here…

actual pets dont need other than gloomy day and some skill lv in changing day for SD.

 i cant figure out what is the element of magic dmg when they hit. range of dmg is quite large, so i dont see any difference when on/off days skills.

so i dont reskill.still playing with maxed brainwash and stare.

The End

merry xmas

décembre 26th, 2011


i was too low level to really hunt items. played in Redeye Do-or-Die mainly B2 to B5.

 tamer lvled to 228 to 291

necro lvled 215 to 290

 xp was “low” due to necro in party ….

The End

new pets

décembre 24th, 2011

pretty more easy and expensive than usual.

2x mantis and 2x the thing everyone use :


“Jade Tame Service”


 and necro still lv with tamer :


The End

i dont know

décembre 21st, 2011


downloaded today.

 there is new pets. no idea if i can tame them. if i want….

 comming back from entropia universe. hvnt got enough real money for that and its boring as hell.

 1)change $ to Peds, buying ammo and gun with peds. hunting mobs, winning peds ,loosing peds -> no peds.

2) skip to step 3 or repeat step 1 till a empty bank account.

3) leave.

 i have no game and nothing to do. maybe playing a few redstone then quit after christmas.

The End

update .

avril 10th, 2011

redstone have been updated 3 days ago .

login… trying to tame a “new” mobs near bigaple … “monster cannot be tamed” ..

well where can i go, maybe this one is semi boss , monster dis lv 1 dont help………

 ……no sphere, no carpet …… should i read forum, maybe none are tamable..only for rebirth lv 600……

looking my lv……215……215->600..hum …215->600…

215-> fuck off i dont care .

too late for me ,  fully bored of redstard.

The End

1 unique

février 18th, 2011

finally i got one, not a good one,20 lv with no unique…


and sold hexagon club, quite cheap imo,but no one wanna pay more.. im not patient and cant leave my comp with a afk shop for days…


people take money and spend billion to get dmg+10%  hard fist or this kind of thing, money just dissepear to npc….

there is almost no redistribution…

The End

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